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Robots for Construction

We are building robots that complement human skills to enhance manpower productivity in construction

We envision an industry where technology is ubiquitous and robotic based work methods are the standard. We believe  that Robotics is a medium to orchestrate a technology-led transformation in construction by disrupting the legacy work methods


Wall Finishing Robot

We are building a Modular Autonomous Wall Finishing Robot that can perform plastering, putty and painting activities at 10 time faster speeds and 3 times lower costs and assure a consistent and predictable quality of finish !

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A common base with attachments that can complete plastering, putty and painting.


Robot can navigate and operate autonomously within a room!

Computer Robot
Special Effects

Quality Assurance

Real time quality check and assurance using AI & Computer Vision


Data Collection

Measure work, update progress, report quality


Object and opening detection, offset and edge handling and Error proofing

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High design life, low maintenance!


Our Progress so Far

We have completed our 1st concept prototype which can paint. We will be launching our MVP for painting by May 2021!


Robot Vision

Opening and Object Detection are 2 key features that gives autonomy to the robot. Our Robot identifies doors, windows, switches and other openings/obstacles where wall finishing is not required. Recognition happens in real-time! See a demo of real time opening detection here


Our Team

We are passionate about how we build the world around us. We come from diverse backgrounds with expertise in construction, mechanical engineering, robotics and artificial intelligence & are on a mission to solve the execution problems in construction through Robotics and Deep tech.


Ayushmoy (M.Eng Mech Eng, M.S Robotics) has deep expertise with autonomous ground robots. He leads our product development and technology verticals. He laid the corner stone and built the foundation for PACE ROBOTICS


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