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Robots for Construction

For a Faster, Smarter & Efficient way to Build Our World 

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Wall Finishing Robot

for Plastering, Putty & Painting of Building Interiors

Modular Multi Tasking Robot that gets work done at 10 times faster speeds and 3 times lower costs, with consistent quality and simultaneously digitize the execution data in real time

Modular Design

Spraying & Rendering

Semi Autonomous Navigation

Real Time
Data Collection



10 X Increase in Productivity

3 X Reduction in Cost

Remove Uncertainty due to Skilled Labour Shortage

Consistent Quality with Minimal Supervision

Eliminate Healthy & Safety Hazards

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Meet The Team

We are passionate about how we build the world around us. We come from diverse backgrounds with expertise in construction, mechanical engineering, robotics and artificial intelligence & are on a mission to make construction efficient and sustainable through modular mutli-tasking robots .


Ayushmoy Roy

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Ayushmoy built the foundations of Pace Robotics. He brings with him a deep expertise in developing autonomous ground robots and an unparalleled passion to solve real world problems at scale through robotics. He heads the product development and technology verticals. 

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Srinivas K Pai

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Srinivas has spent over a decade in construction. He understands the stake holders, has unique insights about their problems and is determined to solve them. He is also an expert in Lean Construction. Srinivas heads the customer and business development verticals. 


Sukrit Gupta

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Sukrit is an expert in autonomous navigation of mobile robots and machine learning. He leads the Navigation vertical and will ensure that our robots can move around the rough terrains of the construction site


Sneha M S

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Sneha is an expert in embedded systems and has lead multiple projects across  industries from concept to delivery. She is driven by a passion to develop innovative solutions to diverse problems and  leads our embedded firmware development

Akhil S Pai Photo.jpg

Akhil S Pai

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With an expertise in Construction Robotics, and hands on experience of taking a construction robot  from concept to launch, Akhil guides the product team in the right direction to find the most efficient route to the most valuable product.


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We’d love to hear from you -  queries, clarifications, demo requests or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out today.

080 41353612

R&D Centre : 

Constrobot Robotics Pvt Ltd, 2nd Floor, Front Side Warehouse, Logitech Park, Plot No.7, Road No.10, EPIP, Whitefield,

Bangalore – 560066

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